Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Thinger

This is my first time participating in Tuesday Thingers which is sponsored by Wendi's Book Corner. I have been a die hard LibraryThing.com user since Sept. of 2007, so I feel like I have some info to share. Today's question is:

Questions: Do you tag? If so, do you tag for your own purposes (make lists, sort, clouds, etc)? Do you tag to help classify a book (historical fiction, self-help, sci-fi, mystery, etc)? What is the most helpful thing for you about tagging?

Yes, I tag. For many reasons. I read a lot of different genres, and I have a fairly large collection of non fiction. I also read a lot of diverse authors from all over the world. So my tags not only catalog the book and it contents, but they also catalog the author, i.e., African American Author, African American, Japanese Author, Japan, and so on. I do think it is helpful if someone visits your library and they are interested in, or want to discuss a certain category of book or author. I try to tag in the same order each time so I don't forget anything, and then, I check my collected tags to make sure I have no spelling or format errors. So I start first with, FICTION, AFRICAN AMERICAN AUTHOR, AFRICAN AMERICAN, AUDIOBOOK, ETC.

Additionally, I do believe that tagging helps determine who is selected in the Early Reviewer process based on collected interest. That being said, I don't think it is weighted towards the large collection holders. It is based on percentages compared to your individual total library, so if you have 50 books and 10 of them are mysteries your odds are probably greater than someone with a library of 100 books and 10 mysteries. I joined Early Reviewers in October of 2007, and I have received 16 books to review. Also, I believe I read at one point that your tags have to be in place a month in advance of a selection process i.e., so if you saw a cookbook was being offered this month and you had not yet cataloged your cookbook collection, it would not do you any good to rush and input it as it would not count towards the selection process this month.

I will be curious to see if anyone tags by the author's name. I tag biographies by the name of the person they are about but that is all. I do not tag my memoirs by name. Maybe I should????

Feel free to stop by and visit me at LibraryThing.com and look at my tags. If you like, add me as a friend.

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  1. see, the thing I love about tags...and Library Thing in general, is that you can use it however is best for you.

    although I do question if tagging is any help in receiving ER books. I multi-tag every book and write timely reviews for any ER book I received, but have not received an ER book in many, many, many months.
    Not that I am upset or anything...lol