Sunday, July 5, 2009

Taking a Deep Breath

The fireworks were popping all over the place at the beach last night but I had to retreat to the car to finish the last few pages of fireworks that were happening in Christopher Reich's upcoming new release, Rules of Vengeance, a sequel to his successful, Rules of Deception in January 2008 which I read, loved, and reviewed while on vacation in Jamaica last summer. I am trying to gather my thoughts for my review of "Vengeance" and will post both reviews soon.

Trying to pick up another book to start or finish, and it is difficult. I need a change of theme and yet something that will grab me. I have received several new books this week and have had several wishes granted on One I am surprised I received so soon was The Girl She Used to Be, by David Cristofano. I put this on my wishlist as soon as I read the review on Shelf Awareness. I was ahead the crowd I guess, so I received one of the first copies posted. Little Fingers also arrived, as did Julia & Julia which I need to move up the pile since I won't go to see the movie without reading the book first, and the movie is coming the 5th of August. Can't wait to hear Meryl do Julia's voice. Well, I am off to the library to get a few audiobooks for one of my girls. I will probably end up with a few as well. Have a great Sunday.

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