Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Musings

Today's question for Monday Musings from from Just One More Page,
Do you have an account with an online book database site (LibraryThing, Shelfari, GoodReads etc)? If so, do you have a preference? Do you use it for - your own record keeping? finding new books to read? social networking?

I always love to see the responses to questions like this as I am interested in the different uses of the same applications that I have been using. You never know what you might learn or be able to pick up from someone else.

1. Use both LibraryThing and GoodReads. Use both to catalog my own library. Also catalog books that I have read but do not own. I note the difference. I post reviews on both sites.

2. Have been participating in Early Reviewers on LibraryThing since 2007. That also led me to ARC Junkies, a group that also solicits advance copies of upcoming releases to read and review.

3. Just recently discovered a similar group on GoodReads, which are book giveaways, however, not all of those are upcoming releases.

4. Am much more detailed in my cataloging on LibraryThing as far as tags go, and I probably network more on this site as I have found groups that I have with collections much like mine.

Look forward to reading what others do with these sites.

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  1. I have accounts on all three, but I much prefer GoodReads to the others. GoodReads is the site I get the most out of: networking with other readers, recommednations, and fun trivia!

    Here is my answer.