Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heroic Measures: A Novel

4 out of 5

Really enjoyed this compassionate e-read about life in New York for seniors and the animals they love. Ms. Ciment's technique of alternate chapters from the point of view of the couple Ruth and Alex, and their dog, Dorothy creates the connection between owner and pet. I also appreciated her realistic portrayal of seniors and their needs and desires. Not all seniors are bumbling or senile, and it is important to remind the rest of world of that point as often as necessary so that seniors can be given the respect they deserve. The feelings of Dorothy, a small dachshund who is the baby of Ruth and Alex, is well conveyed in my opinion. A series of events build on one another as the story unfolds, from the sale of their coop apartment, to a tanker truck stuck in a New York tunnel and the ensuing traffic jam on the streets of New York, and Dorothy's illness which requires a cab ride to the vet, ultimately all converge in one weekend. If you are a pet lover, you will enjoy this book, if you are a soon to be senior you will enjoy this book, but I recommend you read this book even if you don't fall into any of those categories as it renews your faith in mankind.

I read this book in a PDF format as it was offered for a brief time on It was extremely easy to read. I am not sure if it was font or size of font but it made for a quick, fast read. I am not a Kindle or iPad owner so I have only read books on my laptop. Not all have been as easy to focus on as this book was.

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