Sunday, June 28, 2009

Salon Sunday

This day has been unusual in many ways. I have been following and visiting links to a number of sites and a common theme has been rising to the surface. Writers of color, writing, publishing, etc. etc.

It started when I visited Bernice McFadden's site, Naki and read her referral to Nordette Adams' commentary about Penguin's decision to throw more exposure to their under-served books and authors. Nowhere was there a mention or category for the African American authors or books.

I, then found a link to Clareen Brice's blog, White Readers Meet Black Authors where I enjoyed her video on the African American Section of the bookstore. Very Funny.

From there I worked my way to an interview of Toni Morrison by Tom Ashbrook of NPR, On Point that discusses her new collection of essays, Burn This Book, from PEN writers all over the world on the issue of banning not just books but writing and thought as well. Well worth listening to the 45 min. interview. During the interview, Tom also asked her about the letter that she sent to President Obama during his campaign and wanted to know if her hope for him and our country was still as strong as it was before the election. She provides an interesting response which I agree with but won't give away.

From there I found myself at another site, Literary Obama which follows the writing, readings, and book news of the President and First Lady, where I learn that the President just read the latest book by Dave Eggers, fellow San Franciscan, entitled What is the What. I feel like I have been on a trip around the world and somehow just magically returned home through the power of books, writing, and reading. And of course, I have several new books to add to my wishlist and some new blogs in my Reader. Hope you are having a wonderful trip today.

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