Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Salon

I am at the decision crossroads, and I need some help. I am going to be gifted my choice of an iPad, a Kindle, a Sony Reader or any other device that I want to use to read books on. I know there are many other things I can do on the iPad that I can't do on the e Readers, but I have also read all the pros and cons about the screen viewing on the Kindle for book reading vs. devices that have backlighting. Is there anyone out there that owns multiple devices, that can critique them against one another for me? I currently read a few ebooks on my laptop with Adobe Editions and I am comfortable with it but I still like holding a book and being able to be in different positions while reading.

My reading has been catch as catch can this week. I am diving into The Foreigners tonight, Maxine Swann's new novel to be released August 18, 2011. I am very excited by this book, and even my husband was interested which is extremely, and I do mean extremely rare, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Oh, that is a dilemma for you, Bonura. I don't have multiple devices—just my Kindle, which I'm loving.

    I've seen people using their iPads in the bookstore, and they seem to love those devices, too.


  2. I have a Sony reader, had a Nook color, and also have an iPad2. In terms of reading, I think I preferred the Sony reader because it felt the most like holding a book. I got a pretty red leather cover, and it was easy to hold it open with my thumb the same as I would a book. My biggest complaint was the lighting - not backlit and hard to see sometimes.

    I wasn't wild about the Nook. Too heavy, and I kept touching it and sending it somewhere I didn't want it to go! I actually gave it away.

    I do NOT like reading on the iPad. It's entirely too heavy, and doesn't resemble a book in the slightest.

    As you might have guessed, I'm not a huge fan of e-readers. I like them for traveling, but other than that, I'll take a "real" book any day.

    Good luck with your choice! I'll be interested to see what you pick and how you like it - so keep us posted :)

  3. I have a Kindle and an iPad and I vote for the iPad.

    Just my two cents.

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  4. Thanks for all the suggestions and pro and con expeirences. I am leaning towards the iPad but I will let everyone know once it happens and I have tried it out. Thanks again