Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Salon

Egalleys, ebooks. Love them or hate them. Is the jury still out or are they here to stay? I am now seeing them as an addition to my reading repertoire rather than the new only way to read. I think I will always love the feel of the book in my hand and the physical act of holding and turning the pages back and forth, the smell that many talk of, and the image of books on the shelves waiting to be explored.

I have become a member of NetGalley as a part of my book reviewing but I am still receiving hard copies of upcoming releases to review as well. I do not own a Kindle or any other kind of e reader so my electronic reads are limited to the portability of my laptop which is okay for now but somewhat limiting. What I love about reading on the laptop is the ability to set the scroll to a pace that allows me to read "handless" so to speak without having to hold the book or turn the page. Love it. It increases my mindless knitting time.

And then, there is the audio book! I wonder if we will see the egalley version with a time limit on availability like the egalley. Maybe they do exist and I just don't know it. Someone hip me if I am missing another form of reading!

I still always grab a current read as I walk out the door and stick it in my purse or bag to occupy those down or waiting moments in line times that occur in my life more often than I would care to count. There is also always a small knitting project in the bag and my iPod stocked with audiobooks from Librivox since there are areas where one or the other is more useful. Some areas are just too noisy or chaotic to read in.

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