Sunday, January 1, 2012

Carry the One

5 out of 5

We all know that a single event can have a lifelong impact on us and may have a different impact on us than it does in others, however, Carol Anshaw has taken a single event and delved deeply into the impact it had a group of friends and family who experienced it and how it changed all of their lives.

Carry The One, her latest novel,due out in March, is sure to be a page turner for many this year. The skill that Ms. Anshaw has at taking the complexity of each character and blending them together, on top of, around, and under each other is masterful. As you wind your way through this story of two sisters, a brother, their extended families, you become a part of them, you wonder how the event would have affected you, and what long term effects it would have had on your life.

Five people leave a wedding party after a long night of partying. They most certainly should have stayed but didn’t, each for their own reasons. While driving down a lonely country road, they hit and kill a child who happens to be in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night.

The secret is not in the event, but in the spell that is cast and holds you throughout the book to show how lives change or don’t change, how they separate or come closer together. A wonderful, astute look at what life can hand you and what you choose to do with it or allow it to do to you.

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  1. oooo...sounds like a wonderful that stays with you.